Dining & Entertainment

Offers & Dining Options

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa offers guests an exclusive dining experience! Relax in the splendor of a lush tropical garden, beside a cascading waterfall, or in the privacy of our beachfront dinner bungalow. Our Dinner Under the Stars program features three enticing menus, a private butler, and your personal selection of the perfect dining location on our 23 acres of lush foliage and breathtaking ocean views.

Menu selections ("heart", "heavenly star", and "my love") include four and five-course dinners featuring filet mignon, fresh island fish and sumptuous desserts.   

Click here or call 808-662-8186 to receive an internet-only special discount of 10% off by reserving your Dinner Under the Stars evening now. Simply provide us with the day, time and preferred location, as well as your menu selection and the number of people in your party. A phone contact and an indication of the special occassion (birthday, honeymoon, anniversary) will help us to make this a memorable evening for you. Our restaurant sales manager will contact you within 48 hours to help you plan and book your special evening.


Dining venue selections vary according to availability. 72-hour cancellation fee will apply.